I've tried on these pages to illustrate what makes me tick in photographic terms so you will find a range of images, many of them landscape-based, from all over the UK and further afield.

I have endeavoured to convey my feelings at the time the photo was taken. This will inevitably come over better with some images than others. After all, emotion is a very personal thing whether it be passion, sadness, joy, amusement, fear or whatever, but any serious photographer will talk of the buzz they get when capturing a successful photograph - you know almost instinctively when you've got a good one!

Digital photography lends itself to creativity like never before. Whilst most of my images are "straight" in that they are colour or mono versions of what I saw at the time, I occasionally indulge in an impressionistic approach for certain images to express a degree of emotion ie what I saw in my mind's eye when standing behind the camera. My techniques differ according to what I want to achieve but, really, the technique is unimportant; it's the end result that counts.