Just a few words on the equipment that I use.

I switched to wholly digital photography many years ago and now use a system based on the OM System Olympus OM-1. I also have a Sony RX10 Mk IV bridge camera. The combination of the two systems gives me everything I need for my photography now and I have absolutely no regrets in changing from my Canon system that served me so well for many years.

However, it's not the equipment that's important. It's what you do with the equipment that matters. My gear has been carefully selected over the years so that I can achieve what I envisage; whether it's the camera bodies themselves, lenses or the couple of filters I have in my bag.

Likewise, my printer and the paper that I use has been chosen to suit my output. Talking of printing, this is an important stage in the photographic process. You haven't really finished until you have printed.

Should you be interested in purchasing any of my images as prints, note that I always use archival quality, light-fast manufacturers' own ink sets.