- Just a few lines to thank you for a great delivery last night.
I am a monochrome man ....but the quality of your images set a standard I have never achieved! Excellent images which were well presented. A real pleasure to be at the session .... a great evening which all the
members enjoyed.

- Thank you for your excellent presentation last night. It was very well received and you showed us some really lovely images.

- Thank you very much for your presentation. There were some wonderful images.

- Thank you Martin. You have put a lot of work into this, much appreciated.

- Hi Martin. A huge thank you is due for your comments and judging of the monochrome competition for us.

- Hi Martin. Brilliant and thanks so much for spending so much time putting together your critique.....Thanks again for a fantastic job.

- Hi Martin. What a superb night. Your stunning imagery held us spellbound and certainly had us inspied to lift our game.

- On behalf of our club, many thanks for a most enjoyable and interesting presentation on Tuesday evening.

In the first half we saw some very beautiful colour images ...

The second half of your talk was in many ways a celebration of black and white as a medium of choice for both landscapes and buildings, with its emphasis on structure and form …

Many members especially enjoyed your impressionistic work, some of which we also saw as prints in the break. I'm sure you've inspired some members to try out ICM and experiment with HDR. All through your talk you emphasised the importance of 'painting with light' to bring out the drama of the scene.

- Many thanks for coming to talk to us on Thursday night and showing your amazing black and white images. I was particularly impressed with the range and types of paper you use for printing - it makes such a difference to the individual image..... It was a very interesting talk and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

- Thank you for coming to ……… last night to judge our club competition. I am sure the members appreciated the preparation that you put into the evening and the detailed comments that you made on each image.

- Many thanks for your presentation. The members loved it; something a bit different with your last selection of images.

- Many thanks for an excellent talk last night. Very enjoyable.

- I hope you had a reasonable journey back home last night. I would like to thank you for visiting us at ……… and thank you for providing the most terrific evening. Superb photography, accompanied by your insightful and entertaining commentary. From awe-inspiring landscapes to the jaw-dropping shots of Auschwitz / Birkenau …. We were enthralled. Truly superb! The ICM shots were inspirational - I, for one, have already downloaded LongExpo on my iPhone, and look forward to getting out and trying this over the weekend.

- Belated thanks once again for entertaining us so well last Monday. As was said towards the end we all enjoyed your presentation and your eagerness to share information and “how to” tips.

- Just wanted to say thank you for coming up to visit us here at ……… last Thursday. We really enjoyed your images. There are a number of us who are 'creative' types & we were really blown away with your ICMs & multiple exposures especially using Photomatix. We're all going to try this out. I too also share your love of Scotland.

- Many thanks for your interesting & varied presentation this evening. A number of members came up to me saying that they had enjoyed seeing your work. Like you I think an image is unfinished unless it has been printed. I was particularly impressed with your monochrome work.

- It was a pleasure to have your assessment of our competition entries last Monday. Your comments were typically positive but very helpful on the frequent occasions when you found shortcomings. ……… You've become a familiar and welcome face now so thankyou for returning and giving us an entertaining evening once again.

- On behalf of the members of ……… Photography Club, I would like to thank you once again for judging our first competition of the 2018 – 2019 season.
The amount of effort you put in before delivering your comments and results on Thursday evening must have taken quite some time, but I can assure you that we all really appreciated your thoughts and opinions.
I am sure that remarks made on each image not only helped the photographer concerned but also gave hints and tips to all the members present.

- I should just like to say a huge thank you for coming to speak to us on 25th October and sharing with us all your Mono Memories. We certainly have a deeper insight now into the images that you enjoy taking ……… We certainly enjoyed your visit and I hope you enjoyed visiting us too. I must also thank you for bringing along your printed images for us to have a closer look at in the break.

- Thank you for a super evening. It was clear from the comments by members last night that we all enjoyed your visit very much and from the moment that you displayed your prints on your arrival we knew that we were in for a very special evening and you did not disappoint us! Your Mono Memories allowed us to have a real feel for your personal style and creativity.

- Thank you very much for your visit to ……… yesterday. It was very good to see a excellent selection of monochrome pictures which we do not see very often these days.